Renato Eiras

Renato Eiras

I started my career working for the advertisement industry in Brazil which  it was an amazing learning experience. Since I grew up playing games I set  my focus to work in that industry.

I have a great passion for art and design in general so what you see here is  the reflection of this passion. I’m always working on personal projects in my  free time.

I’m a highly organized and ambitious 3D Artist specialized in modeling, but  I also have experience with surfacing, lighting, rigging, rendering and  compositing. I’m open to explore opportunities in games, animation, film,  advertising, or commercials.

In addition I already have my work visa and I’m able to work legally here in Canada.

This site is to share some of my work with anyone interested, thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to contact me with any questions/feedback, or if you wish to see more of my work.



Download my resume in PDF.